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Happy Early Valentine Day All! :3 Dont Like It Dont Comment >:/ Also thank 4 the people who like my stuff im very much thankful<-----sorry if this sounds stupid (-_-)

BlueBunni 7 years ago.

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It does sound stupid. I'll comment even if I don't like it, thanks. How else will you get critique and grow as an artist?

Firstly, is English your first language? You're using the wrong tense of "enjoy" there. You don't really need to use text-speak, and the art itself is pretty bad. Why is Carson's scarf so much bigger than Mike's? Where are their lips and noses and such? Whiskers aren't simple black lines, and the ears seem to jut out from the head in places.

SushiJaguar 7 years ago.

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well sorry if my art is not your cup of tea or such but not everyone like a critic so stop bringing me down and saying my art bad i dont see you posting anything so just off and quit trolling im 13 cut me some slack you jerk

BlueBunni 7 years ago.

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If you don't like critics, you'll never improve. You're not perfect, so just take his advice and get on with it. Don't whine.

Sammy 7 years ago.

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I don't care who likes critics and who doesn't. I don't need to post anything to know what I'm talking about. I don't need to be Isaac Newton to tell you things fall to the ground when I drop them, do I?

Here's something to learn. Insulting me won't make me go away. IF anything, I'll be more dogged.

SushiJaguar 7 years ago.

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really idc cuz you think that you can be a critic to who ever the heck you want. but you know what? i wont deal with you anymore cuz i like what i draw, i like that aleast you well look im gonna be the mature one and say thank you even you think im stupid and im worthless im still gonna say thank you. now if you dont mind im gonna get back to my life that i have and make something of it intend of sitting here arguing with a troll.

BlueBunni 7 years ago.

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How is she supposed to grow as an artist with the critic you gave her?
Want to help someone improve? Try giving a constructive crit next time.

Cheerio 7 years ago.

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@Cheerio thank you 4 being supportive and backing me up for that *hug* cyber hug!!! :3

BlueBunni 7 years ago.

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BlueBunni, you need to learn to take criticism. Don't call people trolls just because they don't like your art, that is not what trolls are. They are not trolling and you have a serious amount of growing up to do.

Murderer 7 years ago.

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"don't like it don't comment" hahahaha.
If I had that luxury I'd be commentless.

SushiJaguar, please don't argue with a fool, you'll only stoop to his/her level.

Also if you think I'm sticking up for you BlueBunni, take the time to realize that you're just a dumb kid who can't take criticism, and doesn't take time to create art with integrity or a sense of effort.

If you meant it to be minimalistic piece of art with grammar errors, I apologize.

Hamshi 7 years ago.

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Guys BlueBunni is just trying to show that she enjoys the comic and support the community... and the fact that they are so young probably explains the rudimentary art, almost every artist starts some place and practice is one of the only ways to improve from there.

and BlueBunni, you're young so I understand the want to not have people critiquing you, but this is the internet, expect people to be *** holes and brace yourself... there will almost always be someone to say good job... and I think one honest "good job" is worth hundreds of "you suck"

honestly I thought this was cute ^^ it made me giggle, simple as it may be, I liked it

QuestionableKitty 7 years ago.

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Bluebunni, I really love the whole circle kitty art style you have. It's so cute in my opinion. And one piece of advice for the internet= telling people to not to comment hateful things is like inviting everyone to do so. At least that's what I have learnt from the internet

Besu 7 years ago.

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ok thx 4 the advice and i know i dont like being judged but can we just drop this and say "hey she supporting Taeshi by showing she a big fan of Bcb". im not looking 4 a fight with anyone really and i know there people who will be jerks on the internet and i know i cant do nothing to change it so to all those nice people out there thank you 4 being nice

BlueBunni 7 years ago.

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Exclamation marks don't need to be so huge, you should put a black outline around the thought-bubble so it's easier to distinguish from the background. Text should be in a more neutral colour that's easier to read, to accomodate for anyone who might have colour-blindness. Carson's hair is too straight, it should follow the curve of his head and fall naturally. The pink lines don't look like blush, they look like pink lines. Try cross-hatching. The colours are patchy in places, you can see the pink background. Where are the rest of the bodies? Drawing an engine block doesn't make a car. Eyes are far too disproportiationate, too.

There you are, constructive criticism. Ignore the whiny children telling you to ignore all the "hateful" things. Practise is the biggest part, but outside help is the compost to the plant of your artistic plant. You understand the metaphor?

I'm not a troll, I don't think you're worthless, and I can critique whoever I want. Stop making things up to make yourself feel better.

SushiJaguar 7 years ago.

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Now that's a much better critic, something she can look back on to improve.

Cheerio 7 years ago.

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So was the first comment.

SushiJaguar 7 years ago.

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@both Questionablekitty and Besu: bliss through ignorance at it's finest.

I'm sorry, when did honest critique count as 'hateful'? You really are stupid, aren't you? Being young is no excuse for being an idiot, and honest criticism can go a lot farther than sucking someone's cock and telling them they're good when they aren't. It inflates their ego, and the notion of 'one honest good job > you suck' follows the same ignorant approach. 'I don't need to listen to well-founded criticism, all these people like me! I'll never have to improve.'

You both are complete idiots - and Questionablekitty, Sushi wasn't an *******. He was honest. I understand that for someone who promotes 'bliss through ignorance' that honesty can seem like someone being rude, but it honestly isn't. It only sounds rude because it breaks the artist's little 'I'm awesome! **** improvement!' bubble.

Susan 7 years ago.

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@Suasan Well I think it's cute sorry for my opinion, sure it could use improvement. I was bullied with my drawing by people, so now I can barely be a critic without feeling rude. Its one thing that I'm trying to get back. I wasn't saying they were rude, all I said is that people will rush in and attack by saying things like " Don't comment if you hate it" Plus i thought of that as "If you hate gay pairings "sort of thing. Honestly I never improved through criticism of others, but that's just because my so called "friends" made me feel Like crap and now I can't help to think anything I draw is crap. I'm not trying to be mean, and I'm not on either side, I'm just bias through experience. Furthermore I love you grammar, not many people have the ability to do so on the internet. I'm sorry my comment didn't convey what was said here, I am also bad at that too ^.^'

Besu 7 years ago.

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ok guys let not get out of controll alrite i know my art sux and i improve ya'll honesty to tell you the truth i hate drawing sometimes i doodle once and in a while but that because im bored what i really like 2 do is make up storys aday dream and hope-ly become a writer when i grow up if ya'll want to see a real artist look at my sister art it pretty good. her name is bradfocn on Devianart

BlueBunni 7 years ago.

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and yes i know my gammer suxs balls it something im working on 2 (-_-)

BlueBunni 7 years ago.

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@Susan I didn't mean to call sushi an ***, it may have sounded that way, but I was just saying in general, sorry, I should have worded that better

and I didnt mean it to sound like I was saying ignore criticism, just that, getting a hundred critiques saying you suck is how to learn, but getting only 1 that says that person actually liked my work... then that is why I continue to make art...

Blue, I cant wait to see how you learn from this, continue to make art and explore ^^ you have a lot to learn, but with time and practice comes wisdom and ability

QuestionableKitty 7 years ago.

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These comments are more dramatic then the actual comic.

Elijah_Blu 7 years ago.

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pic related

Besu 7 years ago.

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I knew it,Mike really is gay!

MeltedMarshmallows 7 years ago.