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Candybooru image #5805, tagged with Chirpy Lucy different_(Artist)


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GLaDOS : bird! bird! kill him!

randomdice 7 years ago.

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It's beautiful, but I'm not sure I get it.

Yappy 7 years ago.

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@randomdice - Ahh hahahaha when I read your remark I started LMAO cause that was one of my favorite line XD

Anonymous-_- 7 years ago.

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Que lastima,
Que lastima~

Xu-kitty 7 years ago.

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Well, here we are, Mikey.
It's really quite a pleasure.
Remember when you confessed your hate?

Oh, the fun times I had.
Oh wait, there weren't any.
After hundreds of comics; how did this happen so late?

You want your angel, you'll get her.
That much I'm counting on.
I used to fantasize about you-
Now I only want you gone.

She was a lot like you;
Maybe not quite as pompous
Little Daisy is with me, too.

Takeshi woke me up
So Drama could last forever.
It's such a shame that I'm forced to do this to you.

You will get yours, dear Mikey.
That much I'm counting on
In fact, I'll get right to it.
Now, I only want you gone.

Goodbye, my bestest friend....

....Oh..... did you think I meant you?
That would be funny, if it weren't so sad.

Well, you have been replaced.
Rapecat is all I need now.
When I kill you, maybe I'll stop feeling so bad.

You betrayed the wrong kitty.
That much you're soon to see.
Then I'll have some fun wih Sandy;
Then I'll finally be free...
Oh, to finally be free!
Oh, to finally be free~

Xu-kitty 7 years ago.

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^ Those creative lyrics, with this fantastic artwork?


TopHatCheshireCat 7 years ago.

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I just got something to say.... DEM HIPS
is perfect

Sam 7 years ago.

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That's one fat turret.

RickAstley 7 years ago.

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This is awesome. Favorite.

Juan_Pablo 4 years ago.