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Yeah... I did one of these already but it looked awful so I did it again, so... Yeah
Besides i got a new tablet and just wanted to use it really really bad :p

Panda 9 years ago.

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I don't get number 9....

Otherwise really cool. I can't pick one i like best in particular, they're all really cool. And you must have a lot of beatles songs in your library!

Migrant 9 years ago.

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Thanks :D glad you liked it (yes yes I do)
In the music video for number 9 they are wearing elephant costumes, I was going to do something to do with paradise, but I couldn't get the idea of David in an elephant's costume out of my head so that happened :p

Panda 9 years ago.

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..I'm definitely going to do this now ._. your style is so cuteee.

Oso-De-Clare 9 years ago.

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Thanks :)
You totally should :D

Panda 9 years ago.

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Those elephants. Are perfect

Kuro 9 years ago.