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Candybooru image #6147, tagged with AbbeyxDaisy Augustus BCB_Music_Meme CaptainFabulous_(Artist) Lucy MikexLucy MikexSandy meme


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So...yeah. My first few drawings for this. So, who do we have?

1. Augustus is meant to be holding a baseball bat. *headdesk*
2. Mike and Sandy grew extra stretchy arms, and are jubilant about that.
3. Abbey is holding a fox-type thing. It was meant to be Daisy, but...yeah.
4. Mike sitting on a bench besides a grave. Who's grave? I don't know...Paulo's?
5. Meant to be a shepherd's crook. *headdesk*
But hey, I can only get better.

CaptainFabulous 10 years ago.

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Well, I think that you need to start to improve the drawing concept...
I don't want offend, but i'm serious...

Mikanime 10 years ago.

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Just a quick tip: The bodies you are drawing are waaaaayyyy to o long. (Also arms reach mid-thigh length. But that won't help you until you make the bodies the right length too.)

meeps114 10 years ago.