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Candybooru image #6157, tagged with Hair_Lucy Lucy Skykittykat_(Artist) excellent


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Even though I'm not a huge Sandy fan, Friday's page sort of inspired me. I really want to draw all the BCB girls in runway dresses. So that's what I'm going to do.

Got a girl and a dress you'd like to see her in? Post a comment with the character and a link to the dress.

Lucy's dress is actually based on my prom dress.

Skykittykat 10 years ago.

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Wow that's pretty awesome skykittah, really like the face and hair.
I'd request Jasmine but I can't think of a dress to link since I don't really keep track of them...
Although it would be neat if you could anyway!

Ace 10 years ago.

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I really like the art and the dress, though I don't think it fits with Lucy's personality. She's more of a tomboy than a fashion girl

Effie 10 years ago.

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Effie - Yeah I know, this is being made under the assumption that personalities or insecurities are conveniently ignored.

I just like drawing pretty girls in pretty dresses heheh. It doesn't really make it canon or anything.

Ace - Oh I am definitely doing Jasmine. It's just the question of which dress should I put her in.

Skykittykat 10 years ago.

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@Skykittykat I'd say Asian type of dress.

Blue_Sly 10 years ago.

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TASTE the rainbow.

Radial 10 years ago.

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Radial - hah they're supposed to be rhinestones.... OTL

Blue - yeah i was thinking maybe a kimono or something of that style

Skykittykat 10 years ago.

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I think Jazmine would look very lovely in a Victorian styled dress, or Tess in a punk/gothic dress, or Rachel and Jessica in classic "little black dress"...okay i'm hushing up now ._. but really this is awesome :D!

Lovellawolfe 10 years ago.

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This is super awesome
I like to see Lucy looking so confident!

Tabris 10 years ago.

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So pretty~ You should consider entering Roseville's Next Top Model! :3 odel/

Of course, you have to design the dress yourself..~

RC 10 years ago.

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Absolutely beautiful :-*

KitiKat 9 years ago.

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Love her

moonshadow11 8 years ago.