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Candybooru image #6318, tagged with AugustusxDaisy Blackstarqueen_(Artist) Turtle kittens


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I know its pretty late for me to be jumping on the band wagon but i honestly had to do this, and now im on a fanart rush.
So these are the characters id really want to see in a gen. 2
The DaisyXAugustus kitten and of course the babes of the trippin turtle.
I really like this pic but i couldn't get the background right so i cut it out and left the original sketch. If i can get it right i'll re-upload it.

Blackstarqueen 8 years ago.

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Now they can cause DOUBLE the doom and mischief!

Laufente 8 years ago.

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I adore the MikexSandy PauloxLucy AbbeyxDaisy kiddies. They have a fantastic design and I ship all of their parents xD

honeybee 8 years ago.

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Them turtles. XD

Kuro 8 years ago.