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Candybooru image #6385, tagged with Kureji-Neko_(Artist) Lucy costume parody


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Oh goodie, here comes me...making things difficult. ^^;
The first of many of my One Piece/BCB crossovers. Each BCB character goes by personality that best matches the OP no ships(no pun intended).

Kureji-Neko 7 years ago.

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oh pls don't, OP doesn't deserve thi- WHO IS USSOPP?! DO USSOP NEXT!!! and he's not Mike (just because he's kind of a *****)

Lisa 7 years ago.

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ok actually, nvm I go back to the statement that OP doesn't deserve this. and apart from Daisy=Vivi and David=Luffy most characters might share one similiarity but also outdo others so meh

Lisa 7 years ago.