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Candybooru image #6599, tagged with Knux_the_Killer_(Artist) Mike


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Distant relative series to the "BCB in a nutshell" (or something like that...)

Fandom P.O.V -> Point Of View. The rest is history.

Knux-the-Killer 7 years ago.

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True, true...
Nice Art!

SinaiTigers 7 years ago.

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Sure got skinny fast...

Blue_Sly 7 years ago.

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What's sad is, even though he was harsher and more vindictive than he needed to be, his anger and hatred of Lucy isn't without justification. I mean, he was essentially abused by her for years. Pretty sad how far the fans will go to ignore this fact.

Carcharocles 7 years ago.

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He turned into a vampire......

PepeLePew 7 years ago.

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really, the word "abuse" is clearly exaggerated,
i´ve known worse woman who destroyed one mans life completely.
if you really love a girl, you will easily overlook such little flaws. Mikes just a hysteric *****, that´s all.

SinaiTigers 7 years ago.

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"if you really love a girl, you will easily overlook such little flaws"

The only explanation is Mike does not love Lucy.

Anialator 7 years ago.

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@SinaiTigers mean that Mike should take whole abuse and taunts from Lucy, cuz he need to 'overlook such little flaws'?

It would be very weird kind of love. Kinda masochistic one

Alewita 3 years ago.

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some people kinda forgot that Mike had the hots for Lucy for as long as Sandy was gone despite her hostile behaviour towards him. as long as Sandy was out of the picture, Mike was willing to suffer Lucy's tantrums just to stay close to her.

Once the whole Sandy thing became a drama, all of a sudden Lucy is such a bother. the way he was talking about her, and -to- her, and how he drove her to attempt suicide only for her to come back and tell him off once and for all when he tried to patch things up after what he did. like boi what would you expect

idfk why anyone tries even protecting him and justifying his actions not only towards Lucy, but anyone else (shoving Paulo's head into the lunch table, yelling at Sue, possibly many more I'm yet to remember), it's clear to see that him being in a relationship with Sandy just turns him into this aggressive asshat that just clings to her even more because his behaviour just drives his friends away from him.
No offense to MikexSandy fans but idk how does Sandy keep putting up with his ********. this is unhealthy for the both of them.
Sandy might start thinking that Mike, ya know, is a chore........
and that nobody would love him for what he is. :D

in conclusion: everybody needs therapy.

Havocarius 11 months ago.