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Candybooru image #6766, tagged with Coffee_(Artist) Daisy


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I like this a fair bit!

SpaceMouse 9 years ago.

Comment ID #53019

soft kitty
warm kitty
little ball of fur...

Sen 9 years ago.

Comment ID #53020

Happy kitty,
sleepy kitty,
purr, purr, purr~

That's such a cute Daisy. So fluffy. x3

Mewzia 9 years ago.

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Sen & Mewzia said:
Soft kitty,
Warm kitty,
Little ball of fur...

Happy kitty,
Sleepy kitty,
Purr, purr, purr...
XD Awesome little rhyme you two put together there...

Fayt 9 years ago.

Comment ID #53027

Daaww... I want a plushie like that!

Cavara 9 years ago.

Comment ID #53057

We didn't create it, Fayt. xD It's just a reference to the Soft Kitty Singing Plush that sings that song. Daisy would make an even better Soft Kitty plush I must say. ;~;<3

Mewzia 9 years ago.

Comment ID #53100

; -; Daisy. You fill me with happy. All kinds of happy. I feel like if I reached out I could feel her fur all nice and soft and just the slightest bit curly. N'aww. I want a Daisy plush now. She would make the best. ; -;

Yaschiri 9 years ago.