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Candybooru image #6773, tagged with Augustus BCB_Art_Meme Justin JustinxMolly Lucy Molly Sandy cyc_(Artist)


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whoever can guess what time it is wins a prize

(aka a congratulations from a huge tool)

also if i need to redo this or take it down, please let me know!!

cyc 7 years ago.

Comment ID #53046

it's PauloxLucy time

SpaceMouse 7 years ago.

Comment ID #53049

Also, Lucy x Happiness OTP (except I lied because PauloxLucy, BUT STILL YES.)

Oso-De-Clare 7 years ago.

Comment ID #53056

Wow, that last Tae/Souppy/mia triangle should go in the official realtionship poster!! :D

Cavara 7 years ago.

Comment ID #53058

@oso-de-clare, YOUR style!! Just aaaah gee willikers!!(!!!)

@cavara pure genius on both sides. but no seriously i just didnt know what to doodle ackhhh but hee thank!!

cyc 7 years ago.