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Candybooru image #6893, tagged with Augustus Daisy Pirari_(Artist) human


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wipe that look off of your face no man can ever be in that position without giving consent

ok this was originally supposed to be a comic where David somehow talked Augy into this and then they had to go up in front of all the girls. David argued that A wouldn't be a true man if he didn't do this and well...who takes that
then Lucy and Daisy saw them and Daisy began to cry
Augustus regretted his existence and David looked better than all of them
But I lack in artistic abilities and I my heart weeps in regret whenever I have to draw Augustus in that so don't expect anything anytime soon

Pirari 7 years ago.

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oh btw maid dress design for daisy is yocs.jpg (kyocs on DA)

Pirari 7 years ago.

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I totally got the impression of Sue and Amaya.

DLancer 7 years ago.

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Hopefully I'll someday get the hang of drawing these two...>:( I'm planning on drawing them a lot. There needs to be some bromance in here
I think I'm in an art block so this is the last of the last I can squeeze out. Thanks for the heads up btw, now I know what to fix in the future :D

Pirari 7 years ago.