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Candybooru image #6974, tagged with Abbey Amaya BCB_Art_Meme Daisy David Jessica Lucy Mike MikexLucy Paulo PauloxLucy serenatea_(Artist)


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oops my art sucks but hey first submission WHOOP

serenatea 9 years ago.

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........Amazing! I love #10, he married Sandy but she died now he wants Lucy. Ya, to late. Anyways....I hope you post more awesome art!!! :D

Link4565 9 years ago.

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This is pretty good, a simple and cute style, yet still quite unique. Love your Shirt.

Migrant 9 years ago.

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your art meme is acceptable


SpaceMouse 9 years ago.

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I honestly don't understand why people who support PauloxLucy/AugustusxLucy want Mike to come crawling back to Lucy after Sandy dumps him or dies or whatever. It honestly doesn't make sense to me..

But I seriously love this meme/your style! Especially #5 the poses are just ahhh <33 And I love your shirt in the first one!

flara 9 years ago.

Comment ID #54237

Great meme Serenity, I can't really pick my favourite # between 5,6,9!
(And congrats for passing SpaceMouse's meme acceptability criteria ;) )

Cavara 9 years ago.