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Candybooru image #7469, tagged with Augustus AugustusxDaisy Daisy flara-chan_(Artist)


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Quick drawing of some AugDaisy. This was originally a PauloxJasmine pic, but I decided I wanted to change it. Yup, AugustusxDaisy is still OTP

flara 6 years ago.

Comment ID #56675

Daisy would not be this straight forward, she would be more shy and reserved. This picture is adorable nonetheless. Also, those words are exactly what Augustus said about Daisy... this just adds to the sweetness :).

Supertails19 6 years ago.

Comment ID #56676

ahhh this is so amazing ;v; <3

Wildphyre-Pyro 6 years ago.

Comment ID #56681

i do not regret your change to AugustusxDaisy over PauloxJasmine *Punched in the face*

Supertails if Daisy is in a comfortable relationship with someone she likes the tends to get really snuggly so it's not really out of character if the pictures takes place in a time where augustusxdaisy is solid

daisy is a professional cuddler

Taeshi 6 years ago.

Comment ID #56682

This is a nice picture. Even if augustus has his hands under daisys dress doing who knows what. And daisy still has jasmines scarf on which looks good on her.

bluefox 6 years ago.

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Taeshi that is good to know... I think I might have to start taking notes again.

Well Augustus must definitely be feeling pure bliss right now.

Supertails19 6 years ago.

Comment ID #56685

The one supreme OTP

Shada 6 years ago.

Comment ID #56835

Love the pose.

This pairing is one of my favourites! This picture keeps it real! #^_^#

NostalgicPostman 6 years ago.