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Candybooru image #7542, tagged with David DavidxLucy Lucy Moonshine_(Artist) sketch


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This is a cry for help. How can I separate the lineart from a flat image created in SAI in Photoshop? When I tried to move the lineart David kept getting a weird halo around his lines :question:
And I dont know how to color in SAI because Im a noob to coloring on a computer :(

Anyway uhh 8-D x Mad Lucy enjoy???

Moonshine 6 years ago.

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The halo is due to the jpeg compression which introduces blocky artifacts on details to reduce file size. Black and white / lineart pictures should be png since it's lossless, but still small for pictures of that kind.

I suggest putting a layer underneath the lineart and set the lineart layer to multiplication, that way you will be able to draw below the lineart with it blending on top of it.

Geist 6 years ago.

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Moonshine 6 years ago.

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It is such a cute pairing if you really think about it, though it makes me feel like it has the same vibe as when people draw DavidxSue (except in this case David has actually interacted and flirted with Lucy on multiple occasions, for sue he bitched at her script lol)



Taeshi 6 years ago.

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It's so cute. I hope to see some colour pieces soon! -Loves on this pairing- We need more of it. <33

Yaschiri 6 years ago.

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She's been impaled on his 3 foot shaft, and will soon die from ruptured organs.

Anialator 6 years ago.