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Candybooru image #7702, tagged with Amaya BCB_Art_Meme David Kay-felis_(Artist) Lucy McCain Mike MikexSandy Paulo PauloxLucy Sandy Yashy


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Helloo! So I finally did the BSCB Meme to introduce myself. Hope you all like it. #^_^#

Kay-felis 8 years ago.

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I really like your art style! it's cartoonish but still maintains realistic human anatomy and it's just great
you're great

KiraDood5 8 years ago.

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Awww you draw really cute >v>

Wildphyre-Pyro 8 years ago.

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PauloxLucy <3 Awweeee!!!<3 <3 <3

Jocelynn1112 8 years ago.

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I'm sorry, I'm a bit of a grammar nazi. Though not nearly as much as my brother. It's BCB not BSCB. Bittersweet is one word. You have a very nice style. I do wonder why you hate yashi so much as to stitch her mouth closed, though. :P :x :unsure: :nope:

Fairytailgirl 8 years ago.

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Bittersweet is one word.

Radial 8 years ago.

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For some reason I wasn't really thinking about it and wrote it down that way. Twice. But yeah I know bittersweet is one word thank you all for pointing it out.
Also thank you all for the compliments and such. To be honest I was very sick when I was drawing this so it is sort of rushed and sloppy. It is not my best work ever, but still thank you!
@ Fairytalegirl The reason I hate Yashy is very simple, she contributes nothing to the story and is very annoying when ever she speaks. Now if those things were to change then I would not mind her.

Kay-felis 8 years ago.