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Candybooru image #7789, tagged with Mike Paulo Taeshi_(Artist)


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David: "Make out!"

Seikyuu 6 years ago.

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Om my god Taeshi you are the best!

The funny thing is when I was trying figuring out a worthy request, I had been drinking beer all night long. It wasn't until eight on the morning I finally came up with the idea I could have Mike and Paulo being drunken bros.

It sure turned out really marvelous.

Viking 6 years ago.

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So they have chosen to drink their sadness away. I guess it is party time for the the two lady magnets. I wonder where this will lead? Part of me hopes that it leads to them sharing the same bed for a night... or two. The other is just glad they can hang out and be buddies even after everything they have been through.

Supertails19 6 years ago.

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they must be drunk.

kiki 6 years ago.

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Mike: Oh my God, I can't believe you even tried to get Lucy!
Paulo: I know right? What a bitch!

MaronaPossessed 6 years ago.

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a green picture with a blushing mike and paulo... green is the color of ferns... i think i know what is coming next :smirk:

Whistleblower 6 years ago.

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I smell alcohol...

Thatoneguy 6 years ago.

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When I saw this it made me laugh. Seeing Mike ad Paulo get along, even though intoxicated, makes me happy. Bros. If Paulo could learn to open up a little more to Mike I think these two could be amazing friends. I wish I could see that. ;-;

Yaschiri 6 years ago.

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I agree with Yas. They are good friends, but Paulo is so closed off all the time, they can't be real Bros. I want to see this happen in the comic.

daft_inquisitor 6 years ago.

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lol honestly i just want to see these two be bros ;v;

Cece 6 years ago.

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TrappedLikeCats 6 years ago.

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aaannndddd that's my new phone background

SheJ_Grum 2 years ago.