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this is a crossover fan art of BCB characters and Oddworld characters, I bought Oddworld: stranger's wrath HD on the PS3 last year after my Brother's friend got my PS3 onto the internet, and later decided to set up my own PSN account and use PSN pre paid cash cards to download digital only games I never got a chance to try out, so Oddworld: Stranger's wrath HD was the first game I bought at the Playstation Store, I also downloaded a demo of Oddworld: Munch's oddysee HD months ago and pressed on a Backstory button to watch a compilation of cutscenes from Oddworld: Abe's oddysee and Oddworld: Abe's exoddus that explained a backstory of Abe's role in a war between the inhabitants and the civilizations, and I gotta say it made me sorry for Abe the saddest stitch liped scrawny ol' freak ;_; I still can't believe that some Glukkon industrialists would want to make food out of Mudokon slaves, I was inspired by a Bad ending of Munch's oddysee after looking up two endings on youtube, I drew this picture because of that tragic ending with the fuzzles feasting on Abe's flesh, imagine how sad Molly ._. would feel if the government of the BCB universe were to capture Abe and take him to AREA 51 where they would disect his brain or if some outlaw creatures from Stranger's wrath came to furry earth to hunt down Abe and send their OddDogs whom they call Slogs, to assault like how wolves attack travelers on forest roads, God that would be the most tragic thing to happen to Abe, Imagine if there was a heartwarming Alien Harbor story where Abbey and Molly, including his girlfriend: Daisy were to take care of Abe and to give him some love and heartwarming affection :D, I damn the Glukkons to HELLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!! Furious Abbey I hope you like my fan Pic of the Game and Webcomic crossed over together ;)?

BAR 6 years ago.

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resize before scanning please

also this is a pretty strange crossover

SuitCase 6 years ago.

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I like how this retains the creepiness I feel about Oddworld, Oddworld was always really unsettling to me in a fascinating way.

Taeshi 6 years ago.