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Candybooru image #8127, tagged with BAR_(Artist) Paulo sketch


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This a digital sketch of my skinny pet Cat: Bobo, sleeping with 8-)Paulo, I thought it would be both cute and erotic at the same time:P I drew this picture because I was a little bored:/ so I drew my cat sleeping with paulo for fun and entertainment, I wanted to entertain myself drawing this picture after the three erotic moments paulo had with Jess and Rachel, plus, he slept with her twice, although his first intention with those two was to get over his past relationship with Tess and his second with in the past two or three recent chapters was having sympathy to get over the loss of Lucy being at the hospital, if I'm typing this sentence down correctly that is :unsure:? though I'm starting to think that he might start dating rachel after the latest chapter is over. I hope you like this by the way;)?

BAR 5 years ago.

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I hope you like this by the way ;) with an Augustus emoticon I mean't to put by the end of that sentence, by the way.

BAR 5 years ago.

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:nope: S***! I thought I put rachel's :P emoticon in the (at the same time) sentence too.

BAR 5 years ago.