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Candybooru image #8271, tagged with Paulo Rcrssmn_(Artist) weapon


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Neon orange didn't turn out so well. Does anyone have any idea why my images always turn out so large? I crop them all to 1/5 what they originally were, then reduce the size even further, more and more each time!

Yes Paulo does have his foot on Mike's chest piece. Sorry I didn't finish in time to upload it yesterday.

The fanfic is going well, been working on multiple chapters in different places in the sotryline, the first chapter, one that will be about chapter 45ish, and one way down the road

Rcrssmn 5 years ago.

Comment ID #60293

I actually quite like the orange, but that may be just me!

This is awesome otherwise. Nice touch with Mike's chest piece btw. <3

Yaschiri 5 years ago.

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Right shin, it's supposed to be brighter and more orange than apricot looking, the non-neon oranges look great

Rcrssmn 5 years ago.

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I like that machine gun scythe.

bluefox 5 years ago.

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I'ld call it more of a marksman rifle or assault rifle, but thanks

Rcrssmn 5 years ago.