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SO, YES, HELLO, I HAVEN'T UPLOADED ANYTHING IN ABOUT A BILLION YEARS. This is by no means my best work and is honestly just something I whipped up with my laptop mouse, but, God, I reeeally just wanted to draw something for this webcomic again-been followin' for over three years now, how 'bout that!

Mike and Sandy are the only pairing I'm actively shipping, now (outside of Augustus and Lucy in a very unhealthy way,) and, wow, best pairing. Maybe not the most interesting, but, I don't really care? They're just so cute and I'll be legitimately upset if they break up (though I wont be angry, of course!) Sandy tries her best to be a supportive girlfriend and she makes Mike so happy. I'm glad he has that.

I guess I might humor Mike and Amaya, too, since she seems to be outside of the main group's drama and isn't hounding Mike constantly over Lucy. Regardless, I love Bittersweet Candy Bowl and I look forward to each and every update. Keep up the good work, Taeshi! (I know you will.)

Tsukaiz 5 years ago.

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man i recognised your style instantly, it's cool to see you again!

Taeshi 5 years ago.