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Candybooru image #8410, tagged with Abbey Daisy Daisy's_Dad Daisy's_Mother Imp_(Artist) Jasmine Sue human kittens


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Yes it uploaded correctly, anyway have a collage of some drawings I mashed together (it's not even subtle)

imp 7 years ago.

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Very lovely but I am unsure about the sizes. I thought Daisy's dad is smaller than her mom but still, I really like those sketches you made :D

EvilKitty3 7 years ago.

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I really like the one where the daisyxabbey is asleep on the lucyxaugustus lovechild haha.

Mcturtle 7 years ago.

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It looks more like augustus x lucy's kid with augustus x daisy's kid

bunnyclub 7 years ago.

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EGG 7 years ago.

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thank you ^^ and sorry about not clarifying that is the daisyxabbey lovechild I can't help but draw him

imp 7 years ago.