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Candybooru image #8435, tagged with Haley Imp_(Artist) Jordan JordanxHaley Matt MattxJordan


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Haley and Jordan probably won't work as well, since they're two years apart. (Jordan is at Tess's age and Haley's at Jasmine's age)

Radial 7 years ago.

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oh I know i was just addressing how cute the pairings are but are more than likely not ever going to happen

imp 7 years ago.

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A whirlwind of unrequited love ;_;

Holy cow I love the way you drew Matt here. I LOVE THE WAY YOU DREW EVERYONE AAAAA

But seriously Matt gives me trouble but you nailed it

Taeshi 7 years ago.

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But what about Jordands forgotten girlfriend Tiff???

Lisa 7 years ago.

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She probably broke up with him after he couldn't go to the party.

Really like your style!

jeroenhd 7 years ago.

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Tiff and Jordan are very will they/won't they

(He actually asks Matt about her in the previous chapter, in vague terms................)

Taeshi 7 years ago.

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MimiChan 7 years ago.

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Totally understand! I just cannot choose?!?!?!?! TT^TT

Yumcandycaramel 6 years ago.

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Why not both? Have a poly relationship like AbbeyxDaisyxAugustus.

MrJellyfish 5 years ago.