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Candybooru image #8443, tagged with Daisy Dummy_(Artist) Lucy


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drooldummy 5 years ago.

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Daisy organising a LET'S PLAY WITH OUR HAIR date with Jessica and a begrudging lucy.................

This is so cute aaaaa I love the stars on the eyes ;__; Can I ask what program you use to get the really nice brush effects going? I have no clue how to get a nice brush effect at all on photoshop (that might be the problem if you use Sai assdf NO SAI FOR MAC) and seem to just sink back to pencil when it comes to colouring which sucks because traditional has SPOILED ME ROTTEN, i want to digitally paint things like watercolours!!!

so i always just.. stare at these drawings

have to absorb

Taeshi 5 years ago.

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@taeshi aha well I hate to tell you this, but I do indeed use sai for basically..everything. ahaha ;-; but if you still want to know, all I ever use is the marker and eraser tool!! I rely heavily on my pen pressure to make soft looking lines @-@. I think if you look around in tumblr, there might be some good photoshop brush settings flying around!!
Also thank you taeshi ehehe

drooldummy 5 years ago.

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The styles should be switched, I feel. Daisy's curly hair would hold braids better. (I always imagine her with more toward kinky-curly fur though, which would hold braids well.)

Naoki 5 years ago.

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@Naoki aha that does make more sense, but i started doodling lucy with braids a couple of times before this and thought 'this is pretty cute!' and stuck with it uvu;; and wanted to try drawing daisy with pigtails since i thought it would also be cute.

drooldummy 5 years ago.