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Candybooru image #8490, tagged with Abbey AbbeyxDaisy Amaya Daisy David JayGamer_(Artist) Mike Paulo Sue


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I had another version of this where it looked like lucy was holding it but MEH
and i said that i would DRAWDRAWDRAW over the holidays but the holidays are over and i have drawn a total of 3 things.
oh and paulo and david are supposed to be making bunny ears
i'm done :unsure:

JayGamer 7 years ago.

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This is seriously adorable. It actually made me feel a little bit of homesickness, imagining Lucy's reaction to it.

Ravako 7 years ago.

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Awwwwwww. It is soooooo adorable. Sue and Amaya are just the cutest. And wow that Mike looks awesome. Paulo and David XD
Daisy don't you squeeze all of Abbey's air out Mad Lucy

Man. Lucy would probably cry and miss her friends if she would get that picture and on it would say ''wish you were here''. She would probably come back (JK. :P)

Very well done. Very very very well done. Keep on drawing cause this is amazing

Jonas97face 7 years ago.

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wow mike rude


MimiChan 7 years ago.