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I love it

Taeshi 7 years ago.

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Probably one of the most reasonable walls of text I've ever seen. That, and one of the smallest. Actually, I'm actually not sure a short list of griefs counts as wall of text at all.

Regardless, good points were made. Keep up that common sense!

Carcharocles 7 years ago.

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@Taeshi I am really glad you liked it! The errorXmissingno idea is what actually prompted me to finally do the whole BCB art meme in the first place.

@Carcharocles Thank you for understanding! I am happy to know my points are backed up by common sense.

Nenekiri 7 years ago.

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I agree with your meme. <3 Love it!

Yaschiri 7 years ago.

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She who must not be named


7 6 years ago.