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Candybooru image #8646, tagged with Abbey AbbeyxSue Drawathon_2014 Sue Taeshi_(Artist)


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Thank you Taeshi! It's awesome, I didn't know what to request so I chose a random pairing XD

jeroenhd 5 years ago.

Comment ID #61669

Oh my gosh- such a weird pairing and I love it XD

TripleA 5 years ago.

Comment ID #61725

I always shipped SuexAbby. I still think it's the best match for her.

Well, maybe McCain, but...

daft_inquisitor 5 years ago.

Comment ID #61750

And ever since she left, Mccain was forever mildly disgruntled.

Turanis 5 years ago.

Comment ID #62028

He would, probably.

Daffyhat 4 years ago.

Comment ID #62323

So romantic! <3

@Turanis hahahahaa, I love it! XD

Sambo 4 years ago.