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Candybooru image #8695, tagged with BAR_(Artist) Katie parody


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This is a Black Comedy BCB fan pic featuring Axe Cop chopping Katie's head off :-* I saw a Bittersweet Candy Bowl banner on months ago while reading Axe Cop's Revenge on Rainbow Girl, and the idea of Drawing Axe Cop into another one of my BCB fan art crossovers didn't exactly occur to me until I bought Axe Cop Vol.5 at DreamWorld Comics, I was looking for AC vol.3 & 4 at DWC after I bought an Axe Cop sketchbook 2013 edition and Axe Cop Vol.1 & 2 about 7 months ago when I was at the Comikaze dressed up as Axe Cop, anyway I thought it would be funny and satirical to make Katie's Random Boyfriend scream and Curse in horror as Axe Cop chops her head off like the Head Chopping Maniac he is XD I hope you like BCB and Axe Cop Fans out there like it? ;)

BAR 7 years ago.

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Axe Cop killing Katie for my enjoyment? Points!

Daffyhat 7 years ago.