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I know! I know! I'm a narcissist for naming my fan character after myself (reality is, my nickname is drake, and I have another original webcomic where one of the main characters is named drake, a digimon fan comic where the main character is named Robi, and Drake is also Robi's closest friend in my BCB fan story.
But seriously, asides from our name, heritage, and the fact that we are both gamers, Robi and I don't really have anything in common

Rcrssmn 7 years ago.

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look who was impressed by taeshi's 2006 artsyle

go_away 7 years ago.

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Hell yeah, I thought that artstyle had more oomph to it, and that 2006 Lucy was way cuter

Rcrssmn 7 years ago.

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True that, I still like 2006 Lucy's look better

go_away 7 years ago.

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Probably the biggest reason I always forget her side fur. I'm going to try to get the reaper version of Jess done later this month, her tails are a pain, then after that I got a LucyxRobi artwork and maybe the first few chapters of my BCB fanfic (If Vero and Oliver say they don't upload it before I complete it, I won't upload that). I don't know why but making BCB fan art is the only thing inspiring me right now

Rcrssmn 7 years ago.

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Who wrote the tags "ugly", was it you?

Also we don't want to see it. You should post stories about your own characters in your own space

SuitCase 7 years ago.

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The tag "Ugly?" No. I don't plan to post it here, and I do have other stories in the works. The fanfic is more or less something to write when I get bored of writing fantasy/war style stories.

Rcrssmn 7 years ago.