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Candybooru image #8976, tagged with Abbey Augustus Daisy Lucy PanPan_(Artist) Rachel Stacy


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Augustus as Jay Gatsby
Daisy as Daisy Buchanan
Lucy as Jordan Baker
Rachel as Myrtle Wilson
Abbey as Tom Buchanan
Stacy as Nick Carraway (Because Mike wouldn't fit the role.)

Panpan 5 years ago.

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I always thought of daisy when I had to read the great gatsby for school. I had humans for all the other characters in my imagination, except daisy buchanan was BCB daisy.

fluffyfox 5 years ago.

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I can't even handle how perfect this is ; o ;

Hipster 5 years ago.

Comment ID #63128

wowowow it fits so well

like seriously. especially the buchanans. except i highly doubt abbey would cheat on daisy but hey man. he fits the role otherwise if you know his character

and augustus as gatsby just ties everything together PERFECTLY

Landy 5 years ago.

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Striife 5 years ago.

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how did you not go with 'catsby'

yitz 5 years ago.

Comment ID #63162

You painted it really beautifull ;) :love:

But why didn't you paint them more happily? ._.
(It might have to do something with the characters with whom you matched them, I don't know anything of that)

Selef 5 years ago.

Comment ID #63164

I agree with yitz

Catsby would be better

shinysugar 5 years ago.