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Candybooru image #8986, tagged with Gnukko_(Artist) Rachel Tiff


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I agree with Rachel.

bluefox 4 years ago.

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Agreed.... Furious Abbey

PepeLePew 4 years ago.

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Rox 4 years ago.

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I agree as well.

Daffyhat 4 years ago.

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Is there anyone who actually disagrees? I can't see how they would

HelTH 4 years ago.

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I disagree Jordan is kind of being a moron. Rachel should totes be slapping his ****.

June-pay_Eeyorey 4 years ago.

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Rejecting someone does not make you a bitch. Jordan should get the hint already.

mintan 4 years ago.

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@mintan, she's not a bitch for rejectign Jordan, seeign as SHE DIDN'T reject him properly, she gives him false hope "dating" him (and like Jessica mentioned him paying dinners, using him as well) while still being obviously into Enrique.

Lisa 4 years ago.

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@ mintan yes if your rejecting someone but still go to prom with them to take advantage of the situation your not a bitch. Your a absolute bitch.

bluefox 4 years ago.

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Since when was it either or? Jordan is a twit AND Tiff is a bitch. They're definitely not mutually exclusive

HelTH 4 years ago.

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@LisaCat89 I definetly agree that it's stupid to not reject somone properly.
I've kind of been in Tiffs situation, but I never accepted him to pay. Altrough he didn't tell me about his feelings, it was waaay too obvious. I used him to feed my own ego for a looong time. When he got a a gf he ignored me completely, even as a friend. Now he's orbiting around me again. ;_; *ignoring in progress*

@bluefox True true. Sadly It's pretty usual, even normal to go with someone you don't have feelings for.
But It's to early to jugde their situation from what we've seen. (I have a soft spot for characters with a bad attitude tho)

Why did i just waste energy on defending some cartoon dog?

mintan 4 years ago.

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@mintan, imo you didn't defend Tiff, you gave a reason why what she's doign is bad, and a mistake you once did :v doesn't sound like defending to me.
and even if you did use him to feed your ego. you didn't see someone else during that time I HOPE.

Lisa 4 years ago.