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Sorry about the image size, again I still don't know how to change that size on CandyBooru, but never mind that now, this is my recent fan illustration of the BCB characters cosplaying as the main cast of The Walking Dead video game episode: 400 Days, here we have Tessa cosplaying Shel, Molly cosplaying Shel's younger sister: Becca, McCain cosplaying Wyatt, Melanie cosplaying Bonnie because Mel looks like a Red Haired high school girl in those grayscale flashback pages I read on BCB chapter 86, Paulo cosplaying Vince, and Molly's older brother: Abbey cosplaying Russell, and two nameless furry walkers in silhouettes looking for food thats meaty and a Water Tower which Tessa's Shel is pointing at is saying that should camp out at a water tower where they can have food, supplies, and all the water they could drink, I had a lot of fun drawing this watercolored BCB fan illustration so far 8-) and I hope you BCB fan artist folk like what you see here today? ;)

BAR 4 years ago.

Comment ID #64457

This is cute. ^-^

Yaschiri 4 years ago.