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Candybooru image #9394, tagged with Abbey AbbeyxDaisy Augustus AugustusxAbbey AugustusxDaisy AugustusxDaisyxAbbey Daisy baxter_(Artist) polyamory


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i really really like the idea of like, later on when abbey and augustus resolve all that sexual frustration [which would take years, thats why i picture them a bit older], these three start a poly relationship because poly relationships are wonderful and daisy deserves her own little protection squad like. if someone suspicious approaches her and she's oblivious of their intentions and she just goes "hi i1m daisy!!! these are my boyfriends!" and the two just GLARE AT THAT PERSON and abbey is a fucking intimidating giant and augustus looks like he kills for a living and they basically scare anyone suspicious off I'M SORRY THIS IS MY OT3

baxter 7 years ago.

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oh man i didn't realize how big this is im gomen

baxter 7 years ago.

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ahhhhh I love this style!!!

love these cuties as well!! ; w ;

jiwinu 7 years ago.

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That is one curly cute Daisy. Love the stars in her eyes to. Abbey and Augustus make good body guards.

bluefox 7 years ago.

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Dat Daisy. Hngh.

Geist 7 years ago.

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Also possible, Abbey and Daisy meet August, but short before they can start fighting again, someone acts stupid to Daisy, so suddenly both of the boys suddenly forget to fight and protect Daisy ;)
(That was me thinking before I did read your comment @ this picture)

ComicEmpress 7 years ago.

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I can't wait to see Taeshi's reply when and if she does.

FPhoenix 7 years ago.

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thank you all for the compliments omg and @FPhoenix i'm very anxious because this is a very crack ot3 sobs i hope it doesn't grosses her out

baxter 7 years ago.

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...I actually ship this now.



Yaschiri 7 years ago.

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what a cute idea!! i love how you drew them all!!!

Jinx 7 years ago.

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asdadghcghkafhasdg :en serio:
Me gustan las miradas de Agusto/Abey; parece que dicen "Le tocan un pelo a esta mujer, y se mueren hijosdeputa" Son muy expresivos! Además, ¿Daisy bajo de peso? porque si se ve más delgada jeje :P (IDK)

P.D. Tienes muy buenos #furros y #anthros ;) De verdad que eres un excelente artista

Marko 7 years ago.

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@Jinx thank you omg

@Marko HAHAHA gracias!! son bien possessivos de Daisy, si! Y no era mi intención acerle mas delgada a Daisy, pero como és en el futuro puede pasar :'D

baxter 7 years ago.

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I HAVE NO QUALMS ABOUT POLYAMORY yayyyy ;___; They’re so cute together! I love the way you drew Abbey’s ears and Daisy looks so happyyyyyyy!

augustus looks like he kills for a living hahahahahaha I love that you made them all look more grown-up.

Taeshi 7 years ago.

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AHHHH im glad omg i was kinda afraid of posting it bc of the au/headcanon/whatever behind it!!
and YEAH the first idea i had was to make this an "off to college" kind of pic then i spilled my ship all over it oops

baxter 7 years ago.

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Was thinking it would be more of Daisy Fan Squad...but okay.

MaronaPossessed 7 years ago.

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the team doe

HelTH 7 years ago.

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I love this!!!

yomoko 7 years ago.

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I COMBED THROUGH MY GALLERY OF URLS JUST TO COMMENT ON THIS I love this so much okay. The art? Yes. The concept? YES. DAISY'S CURLS? YES!!

I really honestly love the idea of Augustus and Abbey coming to terms w/ how similar they are as they mature and finding a common ground through Daisy. Like they'd prob just tolerate eachother at first but then they'd become at least friends IF NOT MORE and they could totally be important to eachother by helping eachother become better people, of course using influence from Daisy and the light rays that she shine's into every edge of the universe. Omg omg. I can see them being casually intimate while totally being all about Daisy as the thread that brings them together.

AND MAN Daisy would probably be like 'two bfs?? huh??' at first cus polyamory stigma but then TWO BFS!! WOW!!! cus how can u resist these hunks and man. tap the heck out of that daisy

Ari 7 years ago.

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ALSO Daisy coming to love her curls because yesss. BF curl worship bcus they love her in all of her rex messiness

Ari 7 years ago.

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OH MY GOD YOU UNDERSTAND ME I am so glad I'm not the only one who likes this concept!!

I really like the idea that as they mature (and Abbey starts to tolerate Augustus more and overcomes his jealousy) they actually start support eachother because they went through so many similar things that, even though Daisy tries her best to be supportive, she can't completely understand how it feels because it's so different to her reality. So they offer support to eachother, even if Augustus is a dick about it at first and Abbey not very cooperative,later on they understand each other and become comfortable near each other and start becoming intimate and it makes Daisy so happy to see her boys getting along that much and they're both so crazy about her and while Augustus and Abbey still argue a lot the three have a very healthy relationship where no one gets left out!!


baxter 7 years ago.

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Ffffffff I logged in just to favorite this. Gosh dang it now my boyfriend and I both ship this so hard ;~; SO CUTE I CANNOT EVEN FATHOM...

Mewzia 7 years ago.

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They will probably both beat the shit out of each other, then Daisy will run away crying and refuse to talk to either of them

spaghettiyolo 6 years ago.

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so beauts. :love:

Hipster 6 years ago.

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She's an adorable angel sandwiched between the hulk and a potential serial killer.

MrJellyfish 6 years ago.

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I ship this, I can jump on this ship, I approve, I feel safer with this, yes <3

subliminalsubs 5 years ago.