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Excuse my shotty penmanship, here is a script.

Paulo: Umm are you lost?
Jasmine: EEK!
Paulo:Whoa, hey sorry! didn't mean to scare y-
Jasmine: No, no you just startled me. Sorry, I wasn't expecting anyone
Paulo: I can tell. Look, I don't don't normally care about this, and I don't mean to pry do know it's class time right?
Jasmine: Hey! I'm not playing hookie if that's what you're implying!
Paulo: I ain't sayin' nothin!
Jasmine: If you must know, my class got cancelled. Since it was the last period they let us out early. I kinda got a ton of after school stuff so I guess it's a nice break y'know? How about you?
Paulo: Oh...y'know, just playin' hookie.
Jasmine: COOL!
Paulo: The name's Paulo by the way
Jasmine: I'm Jasmine

lt_amazil 4 years ago.

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also, this is an on_going comic which will be updated soon

lt_amazil 4 years ago.

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Cool can't wait to see the others!

The_Mylestone 4 years ago.

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I love your style and your expressions!!

Box 4 years ago.