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Jasmine: so,any reason or ya just stickin' it to the man?
Paulo: Heh, yeah that's me. Paulo the Rebel. Honestly, it's nothing fantastic. I just heard we were having a sub-in for today and I just figured "**** it". It's not like I'm missing much, and I'd rather waste time otu here than in there.
Jasmine: Heh, I wish I could do something like that.
Paulo: What? skipping? It's literally doing nothing. It's not THAT hard.
Jasmine: Well yeah, I know that. It's just the principle of it y'know? I got a lot on my plate. As nice as it is to have a break, I can't just turn away from it all.
Paulo: "Turn away from it all"? Geeze it's just taking a break. It's not giving it up. It's nothing to even fantasize about, unless you have so much crap you barely have time alone. You'd have to be like some kind of over-worked robot or some...thing...
Jasmine: (sheepishly) I'm not an overworked robot...
Paulo: Oh my ****ign god.

lt_amazil 5 years ago.

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Fun Fact: This is the first time I have ever drawn Jasmine. :O

lt_amazil 5 years ago.

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which reminds me **** I FORGOT THOSE CHOPSTICKS!

lt_amazil 5 years ago.

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your dialogue flows really well, and it sounds natural (also in character!!) which is super good! that's probably one of the things I struggle with the most.
This is hella cute so far, keep it up :^)

Oso-De-Clare 5 years ago.