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Paulo: Gosh I'm sorry, I didn't mean-
Jasmine: No, no you're right. I'm a busy body.
Paulo: No, I shouldn't have called you a robot. You seem really cool, and probably just busy.
Jasmine: "really cool"? C'mon Paulo don't patronize me.
Paulo: Hey, don't get angsty on me. I get enough of that every day. Seriously, don't sell yourself short. You seem really nice, it can't be that bad. What do you do anyway?
Jasmine: It's just a bunch of boring stuff...
Paulo: Hey what'd I just say? C'mon take me through a day in the life of Jasmine.
Jasmine: Sigh...Alright let's see...I got piano practice, violin practice, bible study, baseball practice, talent club, national honor society...I also kinda wanna try for class president but I dunno about that just yet. I think that's it, but I might've forgotten one.
Paulo: Jesus!
Jasmine: No, I already said bible club.

lt_amazil 6 years ago.

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New page up: now with 100% more chopsticks! also Paulo is not amused by your joke Jasmine :nope:

lt_amazil 6 years ago.

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I like it

Sen 6 years ago.

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I love your style! Can't wait for more! ;)

Autzen_ 6 years ago.