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Paulo: Huh. Guess School's over.
Jasmine: Yeah, I should probably get going.
Paulo: Oh yeah, you got a "thing" right?
Jasmine: Baseball practice actually. Although...I could skip like you said...
Paulo: Well hey, don't let me tell you how to live your life.
Jasmine: I should probably go
Paulo: You probably should
Jasmine: If I don't it could mess up my work routine.
Paulo: Physical fitness is important.
Jasmine: So you're saying I shouldn't skip.
Paulo: you shouldn't if you don't want to.
Jasmine: What's you're angle?
Paulo: Acute.
Jasmine: Nice.
Paulo: I try.
Jasmine: So, all this talk of how I need to take a break and skip, and now you say the opposite.
Paulo: No, you're free to be busy, but if it starts to be a chore; you should feel free to leave.
Jasmine: Well I'll choose to go to practice.
Paulo: I'll see ya tomorrow.
Jasmine: You're just gonna stay here?
Paulo: Yeah, I'm just waitin' on my ride.
Jasmine: Well, guess I'll be gone then.
Paulo: Bye!
Paulo: Sigh~
Jasmine: Sigh~
Jasmine: **** it!
Paulo:'re pretty cool Jasmine
Jasmine: You too.

lt_amazil 6 years ago.

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THE END I hope you all enjoy this alternate representation of how Jasmine met Paulo.

lt_amazil 6 years ago.

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It was a good re-imagining. Thanks for sharing it.

Juan_Pablo 6 years ago.

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**** it. The paulo method.

bluefox 6 years ago.