Paulo tries to get through to Mike. And fails, spectacularly. No images? View this on the web.
Bittersweet Candy Bowl Weekly Roundup

It’s here, it’s finally here! The cat summary you’ve wanted all your life without even knowing. 

It’s our first week sending this out, so there’s a lot to cover (including a new newsletter-exclusive comic strip). Let’s get started!

Hallway Gossip

Thought Paulo would set Mike straight the first time, did ya? How maybe the crying and the yelling and the sadness might have an effect on poor little Mike?

Comic recap

Aww, she’s so cute. Good enough for me!

Don’t forget, Chapter 95: “Love Again” begins this Wednesday!

Morning Announcements

So here we are! Our inaugural Weekly Roundup! We hope it’s a pleasant surprise. We always want to make BCB an easy comic to read and keep up on, and what’s easier than a cute and colourful email at the start of your week?

Well, maybe Facebook. Or Twitter. Or Tumblr. Or RSS. Or an iPhone app. Or maybe ummm OUR WEBSITE. But hey, it’s your choice, right? (Next time, try us in Russian.)

But there is one thing you’ll find here and only here: “Ships Ahoy”, a roundup-exclusive comic strip. A new one every week!

As for site news, did you see all the stream drawings? Over 40 of them went up earlier this week after our stream.

Images from the recent Patreon stream

Those are just two. Check out dozens more on Candybooru!

And without further adieu, it’s time for…

Ships Ahoy!

“Ships Ahoy!” will be a weekly feature down here, offering a fresh pairing every update! Next week: Mike  The Three Weird Girls! (We’ll explain.)

That’s all for now. Happy Monday, everyone! We’ll see you in a week!

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