27. Of Little Monsters and Pockets, chapter posted 10/23/06

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Of Little Monsters and Pockets — Page 6
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Veronica’s Commentary

And finally.. Lucy is a Mew.. which can be seen here: http://serebii.net/pokedex-rs/151.shtml Quite an epic Pokemon.. hence why people were shocked that she was tagged as such. Yashy and Chirpy gave off their explanations as to why she’s such an elusive Pokemon.. which is just showing off one of the more sentimental relationships.. and it’s surprising to others since Lucy just comes across as a rude and indifferent girl on the outside. Also her ribbon is unshaded in panel eleven *Hit*

I’m sure you guys were wondering of the little Jigglypuff in the icons on the bottom of the comic for navigation.. well.. in the old series, I used to draw a Jigglypuff that went to France at one point so she sported a little beret. Yeah.. my friend finds that character AWESOME for some reason hence why I made such a joke in the end. A Jigglypuff from France. Completely awesome.

Refreshing waste of time!

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