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“Local Area.”

Chapter 82 — Page 7 of 15. Page posted 4/23/14.

Local Area — Page 7

Veronica’s Commentary

stacy is only a tsundere for NERD CRAP


BCB (convention) Tour 2014!!

March 7, 2014

The long journey is over, and I’m finally in your fair country, Americans! Thank you for all the well wishes re: hospital, the immigration process, and the trip. It worked! I’m elated to be back with Veronica again, and we’re taking a weeklong holiday in Chicago before we get into things. (Don’t worry. The comic will keep on updating.)

HOWEVER! We’ve got a load of conventions coming up this year that we’re itching to tell you about! If you want a fun day out, we’ll be setting up our marvellous table and it’d be so nice if you dropped by. All our new stuff will be there, as well as exclusive prints, and, well, BOTH OF US (after 2013’s year-of-misidentifable-table-helpers confused you all, I want to fix things up.)

This’ll be the first time we exhibit at a huge number of cons, so we really hope to reach readers who haven’t had the chance to come meet us before!

March and April

Soon, we’re attending Anime Boston, Emerald City Comicon (in Seattle), MoCCA Arts Fest (in NYC) and Asbury Park Comic Con (in NJ).

First, let’s talk Anime Boston. This is a big show! It’s on March 21–23, and about 60 bucks to enter. And while I guess we’re not particularly anime, we are there! Some other webcomic artists are too!

Find us in the Artists’ Alley PRO ROW(!!) alongside Lavender-Ice at location R15.

Our table at Anime Boston!

The weekend after that (March 28–30), we are attending Emerald City Comicon alll the way over in Seattle. It looks like tickets are sold out except for the Friday, but we’ll be there all three days! We think this will be a huge show.

Find us beside the booth for Dumbing of Age, Hijinks Ensue and Cyanide & Happiness, in one of the several dealer areas. We’re table 1513!

Our table at ECCC!

And then, the weekend AFTER THAT (April 5 and 6) we will be at MoCCA Arts Fest in New York City! It’s like five bucks to attend, so why not make your way out to Manhattan?

To cap off our first batch of cons, we’ve got the Asbury Park Comic Con in (yep) Asbury Park, NJ on April 12 and 13! This is a big general comic con and it’s only about $20 to attend! Like MoCCA, we’re not sure of the seating assignment, but you should find us somewhere!

July and later

We have several more cons coming up in July onwards. ConnectiCon in Hartford, Connecticut, Intervention in Washington DC as well as the Baltimore cons Otakon and Baltimore Comic-Con, with a few more in the works. We really look forward to them.

For now, if you’re in Seattle or any of these north-eastern places, please look into meeting us at one of these shows! We are so excited (well, I AM) to see a bunch of readers now we’re finally (FINALLY) settling into the US. See you soon!

— Oliver

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