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Bittersweet Candy Bowl

“Guest of Honor.”

Chapter 89, page 32. Posted 8/26/15.

We will be streaming live today! Come back at 1 PM EST (that’s ) and join us for a weekend-long draw stream.

Join us in the chat, get a chance at free drawing requests and see whatever else we have planned! Read about how it works on the BCB Patreon page!

Guest of Honor — Page 32

Author commentary

Oliver: Now kiss.

A reminder to our dear friends that we are streaming on Friday!! Check out our Patreon campaign for more info. Please come back at the normal update time, we will have a great and interesting time (and we'll spoil an upcoming page for you..!)


Comments return! (kinda), Facebook exists, and new site art!

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We are still chipping away at the site after the comments changes a couple months ago, and today we have some more stuff to announce!

A bunch of comments pulled from social media.

First up: in addition to the featured comment we manually highlight on the home page, we’ve put up a summary of comments posted around the web to go beneath our comic page reader. It’ll be a little sampling of what you can find if you spend some time following us on Twitter, Tumblr and Facebook, so do check them out!

The new Facebook page.

Yes, you heard us right — Facebook! Some of you use it, I think? It’s like this big site where you can connect with your college friends or something. WELL! We finally have a wonderful new official Facebook Page, so stop by, leave a comment, and definitely Like us! Our page is hungry for your Like.

Some of the new site art.

Oh yeah, remember the last stream we did? I had Veronica draw a bunch of new site art. All the little header decorations and store cart and things. It’s all implemented now, so why not explore the site! Some of it you’ll even see in our lovely new mobile site design! We’ve been busy bees.

That’s about it! Carve out a reminder for August 28, when we’ll begin the next weekend-long art stream spectacular — they are so much fun but only because so many of you come to watch and chat! We look forward to seeing you all again!!

— Oliver

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