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Veronica’s Commentary

Everything is a little more complicated than it seems.

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Poor Augustus. Doesn’t seem to get any of the attention but the bad kind. I know he deserves at least a little of it, but he seems like a good kid at heart. Just really misunderstood and really, REALLY lonely in life.

Hopefully, we see him break free of all the preconceptions and stereotypes. I wanna see the guy show everyone they’re wrong.

TheEsquire October 26, 2012, 1:52 AM EST.

Comment ID #231977

I cannot get over how more emphases has been placed on facial expressions throughout this chapter. I love it! It just…bam! Get’s me right in the central nervous system! Look at Lucy, what an assertive, sassy, brick-waller!
As for loners, there seems to be a misconception. Not all of us, I mean not all of *them* are stalker/weirdoes. Some of us, I mean some of them are really nice people, but you’ll never know till you try…

Blank On Purpose October 26, 2012, 2:58 AM EST.

Comment ID #231978

Jeez I knew Lucy didn’t have any big friends apart from those willing to take her punches, but I can’t see how she can be such a jerk towards Daisy! Unless of course she somehow envies her character.
On the other subject it looks like Augustus ig going to get buffed up in Lucy’s esteem, which explains at least a little how she’d grow an interest in him.

Cavara October 26, 2012, 3:08 AM EST.

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