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This is Candybooru, a user-contributed Bittersweet Candy Bowl fan art gallery. You can search for tagged artists or characters (e.g. Taeshi and Paulo), comment on pictures, or upload your own. Sign up for a Candybooru account and get involved!


    JEMCIV_(Artist) Jessica (121x243, 4.8KB)
    Alejandro JEMCIV_(Artist) (147x272, 6.5KB)
    Daisy SirKnightAwesome_(Artist) (731x845, 16.9KB)
    JEMCIV_(Artist) Paulo Rachel (465x600, 39.6KB)
    Jay Laufente_(Artist) (700x885, 366.5KB)
    Jay Jordan Matt edit gardnaeden_(Artist) parody (796x576, 222.0KB)
    Lucy human jpark17_(Artist) (974x989, 393.8KB)
    JEMCIV_(Artist) Pirinja03_(Artist) Rachel (516x469, 44.8KB)
    Daisy HappyCat_(Artist) Paulo (768x768, 786.2KB)
    JayGamer_(Artist) Lucy Sue (640x512, 429.7KB)
    Gnukko_(Artist) Rachel tiff (640x414, 42.0KB)
    Lucy WafflezNeedsSleep_(Artist) Yashy comic (1024x768, 141.2KB)
    JayGamer_(Artist) Mike MikexSandy Paulo Sandy human (1280x1024, 905.3KB)
    Alejandro Daisy David JEMCIV_(Artist) Jasmine Jessica Lucy Paulo PauloxLucy Rachel Sandy Sue excellent (800x1647, 328.3KB)
    Augustus buckybarnes_(Artist) human (960x1216, 938.4KB)
    Lucy Shamimzee_(Artist) (576x1088, 153.7KB)
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