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Candybooru image #2222, tagged with 01-10010-1011_(Artist) Abbey Augustus Liam Lucy Mike Paulo


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oh great I forgot to finish the Nite Owl armor...

01-10010-1011 5 years ago.

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Looks awesome, but I can't tell who is who for half of them...
What I've got so far: Paulo as Comedian, Lucy as Silk Specter, Abbey(?) as Ozy. My guess for the rest would be Mike as Manhattan, Liam as Nit Owl, and Augustus as Rorschach.

BTW, if it wasn't apparent, I love Watchmen, and this is pure gold!

Luei 5 years ago.

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It needs more ****. Where is Mr. Manhattan's ****?

Gabriel_Kaxbe 5 years ago.

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next : league of extraordinary gentlecats. Or dogs.

01-10010-1011 5 years ago.

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I call tell some of them left to right...
Paulo-Lucy-Mike-Abbey-and for the rest you can't tell...they have masks on their faces.

Anonymous #1 5 years ago.

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01-10010-1011.deviantart.com/art/Dr-Michael-Osterman-184667607?catpath=gallery%3 A01-10010-1011%3A26886657&order=0&offset=2

01-10010-1011 5 years ago.