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    Abbey, Alamoraine_(Artist), Paulo

    Abbey Alamoraine_(Artist) Paulo (850x1046, 150.4KB)

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    Taeshi 1 hour ago.

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    protect abbey's smile :)

    PickYerPoison 30 seconds ago.

    Mike, MikexPaulo, mimimariet_(Artist), Paulo

    Mike MikexPaulo Paulo mimimariet_(Artist) (967x680, 364.5KB)

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    Bottle companies must be laughing all the way to the bank with all these ships being christened lately. Great emotion in this art btw. You make Tae's work look like Sanic in comparison. (Not really, Bcb's art is amazing and I could never compare to it. ._.)

    cccviper653 3 weeks ago.

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    They would be rather sweet together.

    DeathofInk 3 weeks ago.

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    This is really too perfect! Great job!

    AshuraAtsu 3 minutes ago.

    LetsBananas_(Artist), Mike, Sandy

    LetsBananas_(Artist) Mike Sandy (500x1000, 227.8KB)

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    "The distance is just too much"


    I had my first breakup on saturday and it was over distance.. not even as much distance as Sandy and Mike but I'm projecting my emotions onto cats ahh ._.

    LetsBananas 11 hours ago.

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    You look a little pale... Sandy...

    Shade 6 hours ago.

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    LDRs are rough on both parties and i can really feel for her right there

    PickYerPoison 4 hours ago.

    Daisy, Oso-De-Clare_(Artist), Paulo, PauloxDaisy

    Daisy Oso-De-Clare_(Artist) Paulo PauloxDaisy (448x737, 118.4KB)

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    first time I've /ever/ liked Paulo with someone who isn't Lucy, this is horrifying. But like,, paulo and daisy are so good together..... they'd only want to make each other happy and do fun new things all the time and like c'mon that beats out unrequited, angst love really easily and hhhhaaa i'm weak

    Oso-De-Clare 5 hours ago.

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    **ever liked him with someone MORE than him with Lucy, oops

    Oso-De-Clare 5 hours ago.

    Daisy, Oso-De-Clare_(Artist), Paulo, PauloxDaisy

    Daisy Oso-De-Clare_(Artist) Paulo PauloxDaisy (448x715, 193.7KB)

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    i wanted to post the original sketch too bc look how happy paulo looks!! them squinty eyes only show joy

    Oso-De-Clare 5 hours ago.

    Daisy, Dummy_(Artist), excellent, Paulo, PauloxDaisy

    Daisy Dummy_(Artist) Paulo PauloxDaisy excellent (723x837, 331.0KB)

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    this chapter made me abandon the abbyxdaisy and board the pauloxdaisy ahaaha
    @Taeshi im sorry that this is a really late response to ax, but i'm really happy to meet you and suitcase there! but uh aha i didnt really say much or do much so im sorry for that ;;

    drooldummy 1 day ago.

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    awawawawaw so cute!!!!!

    PickYerPoison 1 day ago.

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    AHHH! SO CUTE!!!

    TimothyNTC 1 day ago.

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    good choice dummy

    it is wonderful

    SuitCase 1 day ago.

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    i love the dynamic of their body shapes!!!

    Box 23 hours ago.

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    dummydummydummydummyDummyDummyDummyDUMMYDUMMYDUMMY /pathetic e-glomp

    Oh man have I missed your drawings aaaa I should look at your DA or tumblr more often I am a bad person ;___; I don’t wanna just care about you because of BCB fanart head desk

    Don’t be sorry at all RE: AX!! I have to admit I didn’t know what to say either when you arrived because I was kind of starstruck!! I seriously mean that and I didn’t wanna be all awkward and **** hahahahahaha. But it was just so amazing to see you and I hope we could see you again at AX or any other con that you have the ability to attend! We could chat about other things and stuff and I dunno ;_; I can be less of a spaghetti

    This drawing is just lovely, I seriously am enamored with the height differences and the body type differences. It’s just so perfect! Honestly it’s the way It’s the way I wish I drew Daisy this whole time, she was so skinny during the arc where she was concerned about her body lmao

    The way Paulo’s hair tapers off on the brown areas and the way you detailed Daisy’s legs and tail with those blue marks in shading. Mannn it’s so pretty ;__; This is super lovely!

    Taeshi 23 hours ago.

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    AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! So frickin CUTE!!!!!!!!! I love everything about your art so so much!!! You're one of the big reasons why I joined booru and inspired me to post here because your fanart is just so so so lovely!!!!!!

    I love how soft the coloring is and I love how you draw everyone in bcb, it's adorable ;u; and I love how cute their expressions are!! pauloxdaisy so cuteeee

    choco 15 hours ago.

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    @Taeshi uuuwahh ;;;;; omg thank you!! and ahh i thought i was the one being the spaghetti because i didnt know what to say at all and also i had like no money to buy anything from the booth and aaaahkjhdk next time i do meet with you guys i'll make sure to not be a turtle and start up a convo >: 0
    Also @Box thank you! i'm always scared to draw daisy since im not too good at doing body types, so im happy to hear that i did her some justice in a way!

    @choco thank you choco!!! im really happy to hear that ;;;;

    drooldummy 5 hours ago.

    Draw_Stream, Lucy, Mike, MikexPauloxLucy, Paulo, polyamory, Taeshi_(Artist)

    Draw_Stream Lucy Mike MikexPauloxLucy Paulo Taeshi_(Artist) polyamory (1200x800, 97.8KB)

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    TrappedLikeCats 1 week ago.

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    wowowowow *dies*

    cccviper653 1 week ago.

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    You mean there was MORE MxPxL in the stream? YES! :D

    AshuraAtsu 1 week ago.

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    Did not know this one existed.

    Jarod855 6 days ago.

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    Urge... to ship... rising...

    Viko 2 days ago.

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    Don't resist, ship away!

    AshuraAtsu 9 hours ago.

    Faune_(Artist), Lucy

    Faune_(Artist) Lucy (1487x1757, 257.5KB)

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    old lucy doodles i did a few months ago, i thought it was worth it to upload it on here :O

    faune 4 days ago.

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    These are really neat!

    The bottom left Lucy is like, "Hey, I got a present for you."

    Very cute! Thanks for sharing!

    Fr3nDlYf0e1 4 days ago.

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    @Fr3nDlYfoe1 Whoa i can really see that now, lol :) thank you!

    faune 3 days ago.

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    jeez deez are coot

    moozers 12 hours ago.

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    This style is completely and underly wonderful and I absolutely adore the way you drew Lucy’s tuff on her cheeks, they flow so cutely! Especially on the bottom-left drawing. Such a cute picture, I feel awful not having commented on it sooner!

    Taeshi 10 hours ago.

    Draw_Stream, kittens, Lucy, Paulo, PauloxLucy, Taeshi_(Artist)

    Draw_Stream Lucy Paulo PauloxLucy Taeshi_(Artist) kittens (1200x800, 118.3KB)

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    Shade 1 month ago.

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    This is too damn perfect.

    MrJellyfish 1 month ago.

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    faune 1 day ago.

    kittens, MikexLucy, PauloxDaisy, Ribbon_(Artist)

    MikexLucy PauloxDaisy Ribbon_(Artist) kittens (900x900, 377.8KB)

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    pauloxdaisy is really growing on me (probably because he's the only guy who i ship daisy with at this point since augustusxdaisy and abbeyxdaisy don't appeal to me anymore and i don't care much for mikexdaisy since i prefer him with sandy or lucy.... or paulo) and because of that i have fallen in love with their kitten

    paulo is so shippable, between lucy, daisy and rachel i cant even decide who is best girl (or boy cause i like mikexpaulo too WELP) for him anymore

    anyways I'm rambling so enjoy the picture!! and expect another piece from me super soon since i am working on someone's request :)

    Ribbon 3 days ago.

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    paulo is too shippable. I feel your exact pain. OTL
    very nice art, btw!

    AshuraAtsu 3 days ago.

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    Imagine if their parents found this out... XD

    This is SOOO CUTE! Thank you for sharing!

    Fr3nDlYf0e1 3 days ago.

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    I love your art style!

    __noname__ 3 days ago.

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    this is adorable! I love the way you drew them :D

    faune 3 days ago.

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    Look at those perfect parental genes lmao

    Taeshi 2 days ago.

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