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Candybooru image #2953, tagged with BCB_Art_Meme David Extra_(Artist) Lucy McCain Paulo PauloxLucy


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I guess I like 12, because... you actually drew something...

Michael 5 years ago.

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@Michael: That wasn't his drawing, it was Taeshi's.

NoCreativeNames 5 years ago.

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There is a distinct lack of Art in this Meme.

Yappy 5 years ago.

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This felt much shorter than it is when I was scrolling down.

MouseCat 5 years ago.

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If your going to do an art meme, do an art meme.

Better luck next time.

Anialator 4 years ago.

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i liked it

shoved it self into the art world as minimalist yet broad

you get enhanced budget if you keep genius like this up

Anonymous #1 4 years ago.