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Candybooru image #5831, tagged with Augustus BCB_Art_Meme Jasmine Lucy Mike Paulo Sandy jpark17_(Artist)


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If you don't remember, the last-panel girl is the made on the spot fan character from the last meme I did here.

jpark17 3 years ago.

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WOAH! no comment's yet? Well, I guess I'm first... I should say some thing cool ... ummm

Shannon 3 years ago.

Comment ID #47394

cannot unsee you as Lucy [human]

DLancer 3 years ago.

Comment ID #47452

Why do I always imagine Yashy as a Peep in this? XD

Metsane 3 years ago.

Comment ID #47456

I really love your style- it's kind of like.. calming XD The way you draw your faces makes it look very pleasant. You also draw very good hair :3 I love how you drew Yashy btw- keep up the awesome work :DDD

FancyLlama 3 years ago.

Comment ID #47526

Dat style, I really love it!

Oso-De-Clare 3 years ago.

Comment ID #48812

Wow, I come back, and I am like, 'damn, how do their necks hold their head?'.

jpark17 2 years ago.