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Candybooru image #7404, tagged with Augustus Daisy Jessica Lucy Mike Paulo Rachel Spunos_(Artist) animated


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I wonder how long it took to create these animations?

Supertails19 1 year ago.

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this is some ps1 stuff here

someone ought to make a bcb game

Herpaderpster 1 year ago.

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For some reason I once had the idea of the N64 Mario Party games using BCB characters.. The good use of solid colors looks perfect for something the system's nowadays-tiny texture memory could fit, if only the models in such games could actually be edited. A game of some type should be made some day, though.

not_used 1 year ago.

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Anialator 1 year ago.

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oooh Mario party with the characters would be kinda nice :D

LisaCat89 1 year ago.

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Sweet stuff!

Geist 1 year ago.

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someone should make a hack of Animal Crossing using these.

bit-small 1 year ago.

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How cool! These would be perfect for papercraft! :O

TinyBabbu 1 year ago.