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Candybooru image #7844, tagged with Haley Jordan JordanxHaley MimiChan_(Artist)


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i think those two will hav relationship like mike and lucy but sweeter QuQ


MimiChan 9 months ago.

Comment ID #58536

I love this. They are going to be a lot like Lucyxmike.

bluefox 9 months ago.

Comment ID #58538

Very cute! I like this a lot. :D

SnowyPaint 9 months ago.

Comment ID #58539

Love the style :D

Gabba 9 months ago.

Comment ID #58543

i love how ask roseville high totally made this canon

moozers 9 months ago.

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i feel like unlike lucy, haley would realize if she was growing some sort of attraction she wouldnt be as violent because im pretty sure if some guy you dont talk to much comes out of no where like hey baby you'd be like uhm wtf no, seems like shes having some natural reactions to me. :P

misspeculiar 9 months ago.

Comment ID #58563

omg yes! XD I really like this couple too and ask roseville just keeps putting my hopes up!!! XD it tempts me into drawing them more!!! XD

also this is really cute! I really like your soft coloring and seeing these two is just plain out cute! XD

toyotami 9 months ago.