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Candybooru image #8222, tagged with Lucy MimiChan_(Artist)


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''the child was so young, yet she already felt true loneliness''
i draw this when the new page was updated ;___;
the background is cruddy OTL im bad in background
young lucy remind me so much of the little me, thats why i love lucy so much((i guess?))

MimiChan 1 year ago.

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Tiny Lucy is cute.

bluefox 1 year ago.

Comment ID #60156

I love her eyes, they're gorgeous!

Taeshi 1 year ago.

Comment ID #60160

Agreeing with Taeshi, the eyes are really nice! <33

HappyCat 1 year ago.

Comment ID #60676

Aaaaaaaaaaaw :love:

KirbyScout 1 year ago.