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Candybooru image #8360, tagged with Abbey AbbeyxDaisy AbbeyxSue BCB_Art_Meme Gabba_(Artist) Lucy Mike Paulo PauloxLucy Sue Turtle


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ahahahaha I hope I did this right. This is also the first time I've ever put something on candybooru so oops.

Gabba 1 year ago.

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You are super creepy-looking. e_e But it's okay, I like your answers.

Yaschiri 1 year ago.

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yeah don't even worry about it, my eyes just stare into your soul.

Gabba 1 year ago.

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Mike is in the poster on the lower left... Cool!

KirbyScout 1 year ago.

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When DOES Lucy come back to the comic? It's been a while now...

KirbyScout 1 year ago.