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Candybooru image #8441, tagged with Augustus AugustusxLucy Lucy Witacurr_(Artist)


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Like many people, I jumped on the AugustusxLucy wagon. And while it may never happen, here I will stay until it crashes and burns~ I like to think he regrets not letting Lucy on the bus, even just a little bit. And that he was angry when that dog elbowed her out of the way.

...I'm clinging to something, leave me alone. Also, I am done embarrassing myself for now. *dances away*

Witacurr 10 months ago.

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I enjoy his expression. It says "I don't want to care, yet for some reason I do care".

Nenekiri 10 months ago.

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maximum approval

Taeshi 10 months ago.

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EGG 10 months ago.

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This is good. I'm not much of a FF cat x Lucy shipper, but I like this.

Daffyhat 10 months ago.

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Augustus is thinking about that bow and tail.

bluefox 10 months ago.